Got Grange Fair?




I was told I had to go to Grange Fair while visiting Centre Hall. I had no idea what this was exactly..but boy did I find out. The Grange Fair is truly a family tradition–it is 136 years old(the oldest encampment fair in the country) we are talking 900 tents and over 1200 campers invading a property for a week. We are talking rides, food, games, tractor pulls, and so much more. I really couldnt believe the amount of tents as  I walked around—these tents had furniture, televisions, carpets, refrigerators, beds and even built on kitchens for their weeklong stay on the fairgrounds! One of the most interesting campers I found belonged to Ron and Patty Burris—






they say both of them can actually sleep in this contraption and say they have traveled to most of the states in the country in the camper–pulled along by their motorcycle. How cool is that???


Ron says he has been at the  Grange Fair since he was a couple of weeks old–and Pat told me that there is a waiting list to get a spot here–since sites are usually passed down from generation to generation. There was plenty of happiness at  Grange wonder they call  this place “Happy Valley”

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