Welcome to Pennsylvania!



As many of you know I just returned from a mini vacation in Pennsylvania. I decided to tag along with a friend as he visited his stomping grounds. I didnt really know what to expect when visiting PA- I cant really say that I had heard adoring stories about the state…but I must say that  I was pleasantly surprised. After trekking from SC to NC to VA to West VA to Maryland..we finally made it to Centre Hall, PA.  I have one word to describe this place: GORGEOUS! It looked like a postcard of country living. The rolling Allegheny mountains stand proud for miles—a mere backdrop to the  bountiful cornfields..planked  by the landmark “Round Barn”  The crisp air (it was a high of 80..it was 72 in SC when we left at 4am) was a welcome reprieve from the warm weather of an August Carolina heat. I wa also welcomed by some warn southern- eque hospitality from my friend’s family. Their farmhouse had views from every window and the garage was filled with four wheelers, golf carts, and  other delightul country toys.



It was my using the golf cart that I discovered something I had not experienced before..Amish people…you know..horse..buggy…no electricity…long beards? I was fascinated by this and looked forward to investigating during the week. I will talk more about this later in this blog along with my visit to Grange Fair and State College to get some “sticky buns”  keep on reading!

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