JG’S UP CLOSE NOV 5TH: Greenville one of Oprah’s Favorite things?

Food. Music. Wine. What is not to like, right? Euphoria combines the creative forces of singer/songwriter Edwin McCain and local restaurant superstar Carl Sobincinski. As an entertainment reporter and consumer I have loved Euphoria for a long time and it seems like the news its getting out about our little piece of heaven.

Social media was all abuzz this morning as local public relations  firm TKPR heard the news that Euphoria would be one of the ‘favorites’ inside Oprah’s magazine.  The ‘favorites’ edition is perhaps the most anticipated of the year for Oprah fans—-consumers awaiting which products will get the O seal of approval–and in this case it was one of the faves of an Oprah staffer.TKPR President Taryn Scher spoke with me by phone today, saying that an ‘O’ Mag associate editor attended the festival in 2011 and that she knew that something would come of the visit but *this* was a surprise.  Euphoria is listed as Associate Editor Katie Arnold Ratliff’s Favorite Unexpected Vacation Destination.  ” I went there for a food and music festival called Euphoria, and I left feeling like I had experienced the best of the South,” the article states.  TKPR got an early peek at what the feature will look like…but the actual Favorite things edition isnt on stands quite yet. Taryn says this is of course big for TKPR….but she is more excited about what this means for Greenville as a growing destination!

Take a listen to the full interview with Taryn for more details.

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