JG’s Backpack: Lunch in Hendersonville, NC.

Thanks for all the suggestions about where to eat in Hendersonville! I never have time to sit down and actually eat during the workday, so this was truly a treat! I chose Mean Mr. Mustard’s Cafe. It was a quaint little cafe with plenty of character. The owners are apparently big Beatles fans, naming the cafe after the popular Beatles tune.


The walls are filled with Beatles posters and musical signage. It is bright and colorful and has the vibe of “where everybody knows your name.” I had the Helter Skelter Turkey wrap:Oven roasted turkey, fresh avocado, ripe tomatoes, arugula and swiss cheese served on a warm tomato
basil tortilla with mango-lime aioli.

It was absolutely delicious and it came with a nice kale coleslaw that was both healthy and tasty. If you are ever in Hendersonville and need a place to try out…I suggest this place–they serve breakfast and lunch….just check their times because they dont stay open late. (closing by 2pm)








Want to check them out or read their whole story:

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