Notes from Local runners in NYC.

Here are some of the notes I have been receiving from upstate SC/western NC runners who were planning to run the New York City Marathon before it was cancelled. These are their words about the entire ordeal and what they have seen/experienced since being in the city after the fury of Hurricane Sandy.


My husband and I traveled to NYC this morning for the marathon. We traveled here with beliefs that the race would go ahead as planned. My heart has been heavy up until we arrived and see that NYC is making it. We’ve seen very few things that even show this town was hit by such a horrific storm.  We know it has, they know it has, but they move on.  We walked and toured and enjoyed the city all day. We met no one who opposed our purpose for being here or any one of the many who walked the streets with us for the same purpose. We made it to the convention center midday to join the huge crowd of people picking up their numbers and race packets. The atmosphere was fabulous. Those of us traveling in are aware of the trials these residents face. We are renting taxis. We are buying tickets for events and tours. We are eating at the restaurants and staying in the hotels. We care about those in need. As I toured the Empire State building today, I felt the marathon is somewhat this day’s ESB. The ESB was built in the 1930’s during the Depression when it was really probably questionable to many, such fluff in hard times. But it brought hope. And it stands today as a positive that came out of that challenging time. Now let the 2012 NYC marathon be the same. We are now seeing it may be canceled once we are here and checked in and committed. Again my heart breaks. Yes, this time for me. My heart has been hurting for those who’ve lost so much.  And it will continue to, but I hope so many of us who have traveled here now won’t lose out too.  We care. Runners are a giving community. We love to run for a cause. It’s what we do:)


From Charles Gill:

heading back to SC today and will make contact with U on Tuesday.  Pretty BLUE skies here and cool, 39F,,LONG lines for  “even” # of license tags can get some  limited gallons of gas,,,,I purchased 2 – 2 1/2 gals plastics containers @ WalMart in Winchester, VA and filled up @ Sam’s Club in PA before entering NJ & NY.   THINK this is Liquid GOLD now…..   this has been an adventure !!!!!!  Listening to the CBS news now and seeing the large efforts of reaching out to the people in NEED.  Hohoken is in a BAD way as SI.

JG on the Scene: 24 Hour Comic Book Marathon!

There is a marathon going on right now–From 7pm on October 19th to 7pm on October 20th. Its not the typical marathon—this one involves pure creativity—-24 hours of creating your own comic book at Borderland’s Comic and Games on Laurens Road in Greenville. I dropped by for a minute to capture a bit of the scene. I spoke with the art teacher at Powdersville High School–who told me about the event and how you can come check it all out. Rob Young, owner of Borderlands told me that he will be offering some awesome comic book deals after midnight on Friday–be sure to keep an eye on the store’s facebook page for that.

Making A Scene: The doctor prescribes….More Dancing!

After a sushi dinner with two of my good friends in downtown–we were just scrolling downtown Greenville when something…or rather someone caught my eye. A crowd had gathered around the entrance to the gastro-pub Nose Dive, as gawkers cheered on a man dancing to the DJ spinning tunes. The interesting part is..that he wasnt just dancing..he was taking it to a whole other level. It was a freestyle with a degree of freedom we all could only wish we could achieve—perhaps with some liquid motivation we all can…or at least careless if an by-standing entertainment reporter records a part of his shenanigans. I have since learned that this man is a local doctor–which begs the question: Does he dance for his patients and Does he prescribe dance to them? I am inspired by him—keep dancing you physician of feel good! You rock! Now go bust a move you blog readers! Have a great week. Love yall, JG.

JG’s Saturday Blog:Food, Wine, Music, Art….Need I say More?

Hey guys, I hope your first Saturday of Fall is good to you. There is so much going this weekend on the Scene. This blog post is just a few of the plethora of events and activities happening in the upstate of South Carolina. I hope you enjoy and get the opportunity to check some of these things out.

Edwin McCain makes an appearance at media brunch at The Roost.


This morning I attended the invite only media brunch for Euphoria—Greenville’s annual food, music, and wine festival in downtown Greenville. The event is the brainchild of local restaurant guru Carl Sobincinski and musician Edwin McCain. The upscale shindig which goes through Sunday combines all of the great things about life into one remarkable couple of days. Euphoria with its many sponsors raises money for charities in the area. I sat down with Carl to talk about what this festival means to him and this area.



The celebrity spotting was on at the media brunch—Edwin McCain was in the crowd…along with Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel. Nope there were no major storms to be chased….Jim apparently is a food and wine lover and says he comes to Greenville about two or three times a year. “I always come to Euphoria,”Jim said as he enjoyed a plate of grits from the bar. Cantore told me that he loved the downtown area and just walking down the main strip–he also professes to like really good wine. Jim will be participating in some of the wine and food discussions during the Euphoria event today—in a interactive event.

For more information and a complete Euphoria schedule:

The media brunch was held on the second floor of the Hyatt in Greenville at “Roost” which is currently under renovation and slated for opening the beginning of 2013. Roost General Manager tells the media that the restaurant is going to be an excellent addition to the already bustling downtown Scene and describes the spot as a “soil to table” type concept—working with a number of local farms to bring a fresh plate to the table. The construction of the restaurant is still 3 months from completion but it is expected to have an “open air” feel with diners getting the vibe as if they are eating on main street. I am also told there will be a cook demonstration area and an eternal flame illuminating the area with “lush” decor.
Members of the media was treated to some items from the Roost menu including: Mimosas, bloody marys, grits bar, fresh fruit, French toast bread pudding brioche, Southern Ham and Hominy Bar, and a superfoods Elixir station. The food was fresh, clean, and and super flavorful. I had the Suber Mills Grits Bar–shrimp and ham. I am accustomed to grits bars with a sauce—so this was different for me and could have used maybe a bit more hearth….but it allows the creator to add as much or little as you would like. I also tried the superfood elixir–with watermelon–wheatgrass–blackberry—avocado etc. It was unexpectedly delicious and from everything I have read..very good for you as well. The French toast bread pudding was moist, full of flavor, fluffy yet soft. I cant wait to see what  Roost adds to the foodie scene in downtown Greenville–from this experience I think it will have people buzzing for sure!






If you looking for something else to do this weekend in downtown Greenville–be sure to check out Art in the Park.

Tents are set up all down the lower end of main street between the Peace Center and Michelin on Main. Vendors are displaying amazing art pieces on Saturday and Sunday—from pottery to large scale works—its a cool opportunity to talk to the creators themselves or just walk through to browse. Its worth it to just grab a friend and walk downtown to enjoy Food. Music, Wine, Art, and just general Life is Good-ness. For more information on Art in the Park:

Finally when walking downtown I spied a new restaurant opening in the old Hot Dog King spot–near the Westin Poinsett. Marks Burgers–Shakes– and Bar says they will open on Monday. I really like the vibe of the space–has a bit of a modern flair–funky light fixtures–with an open air eating space–facing the sidewalk so diners can eat and people watch at the same time.


Behind the Scenes: Smokey Joe’s Cafe at Greenville Little Theatre.

I was absolutely blown away by the talent in the Greenville Little Theatre production of “Smoky Joe’s Cafe.”
The ensemble and individual performances were stunningly beautiful. I was there getting some footage for our morning show, Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly. You can watch on Thursday 9/13 at 10am to hear the cast talk about the show. I also got some cell phone video to help you experience the incredible talent in this show.

JG’s Love and Hate list of the week.

Hey guys–hope you had a great week on the scene and that you are preparing for an epic weekend. I am excited to share my Love/Hate list for the week.

Lets start with something that I am loving to hate—“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” This trailer should explain all the reasons why I love to hate it. Apparently over 2 million people were also in my same situation.

Now to wash all of that out of your system here are some videos—some music—some not—-just moments that made me feel good. Enjoy!

JG’s Jams Week 1

Song 1 “Brick House” by The Commodores ( suggested by Deena Valley Spradlin)

Song 3 “Young Homie” by Chris Rene (suggested by Jason Erwin)

Song 4 “Someone I Used to Know” Pentatonix version(suggested by Andrea Smith)

Song 5 “Money Grabber” by Fitz and the Tantrums(suggested by Deborah Farr)

Song 6 “Truck Yeah.” by Tim McGraw (suggested by Lynn Brown)

JG’s Places You Oughta Know About!

Hey guys! I am going to start something new here on the blog: JG’s “Places You Oughta Know.” Each week I will post about a couple of local places I have visited here in the area that I feel are cool spots you should check out. None of these places know that I am writing about them—its just my personal faves and definitely ones you should visit.

If you live in the Greenville area then you probably know about Table 301 and their wonderful restaurants: Lazy Goat, Soby’s, Soby’s On the Side, Deveraux’s, and Nose Dive. (pardon me if I am missing some) I have recently fallen in love with Nose Dive, if you have ever had their bacon candied brownie then you know whats up! While i love their dessert selection—- I want to brag about their grits bar available only on Saturday mornings for brunch. It is absolutely the best thing ever invented! Think local grits Aduluh Mills (columbia, sc) with sauces ranging from cheese and sausage fondue, tomato and herbs, and they have even been known to have an oaxtail sauce that was ahhhhmazing!! They also have extra toppings like bacon, cheese, onions etc!!!

Nose Dive Grits Bar: Cheese and sausage fondue with bacon.

Not many people know about this Saturday sensation and part of me wants to keep it that way..but I guess I will share! I wish they would increase the grits bar to a couple more days! I know many of you are thinking that its probably expensive. Nope! The grits bar is about $6 on its own and only $4 if you want to add it as a side to their other great menu items: French toast, steak and cheese omelet, and the granola and fruit parfait to name a few. Its worth a trip downtown Greenville to experience the gastro pub’s grits bar! It dont get more southern than some grits! Yeee hawwww!
Want to see the menu?

The second place you outta know about is on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I frequently run the Swamp Rabbit Trail around the Furman/ Travelers Rest area–but recently I ventured towards downtown Greenville and stopped in the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery. This place is awesome—filled with the spirit of local consumerism and flavor. They sell everything from organic produce, meats, to a muffins made from ingredients you will feel good about eating. Its great to see how Greenville is embracing the love for the trail by creating places that support local products and encouraging even more people to have a reason to use the trail. Great stuff. It is a great spot to stop off with a friend to enjoy a dessert or maybe a tasty piece of local produce before hopping back on the trail. Goooooood Stuff!
Note: You can also drive to the cafe if the running/walking/ biking thing isnt your forte.

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Sights and Sounds: Ringling Brothers “Dragons” show. Bi Lo Center.

The new Ringling Brother’s “Dragons” show is now showing at the Bi Lo Center through Sunday Feb 5th. Here are some sights and sounds from the production.

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